By FrauPic

So long, and thanks for all the fish blips!

I managed to attend the karate session last night and was proud for having been. I'm obviously very bad at coordination, so this is just the thing that'll do me good. Nice people, too!
Sticking to my morning routine, I spotted two herons flying along the Weser while I was in the water (24°C!) - would've liked to blip them! Après, I had a brief altercation with a person whose (unleashed) dog enjoyed a nice poo on the beach. She argued that because she gracefully picked it up it was no problem. I tried to explain that wee kiddies will put the sand in their mouth and that a beach is not a doggy toilet. Then another bunch of unleashed dogs & owners came along and I involuntarily watched the man who had to put his towel rather close to "my" spot on an otherwise almost empty beach peeing into the nearest bush and then... I left. Dog poo and man pee. Not exactly my idea of a nice morning on the beach. Anyhoo, I'd been lucky the little fishies were back grazing the shallows in time, before the tide changed. So no blip was lost. And, I went shopping on the way home and afterwards managed to get some difficult writing done, for a discussion. Productivity rather than a sulk and a chocolate bar - which is a new trick for me ;)

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