Ellie's World

By TristarEllie


Strawberries & pancakes with spiced apple yoghurt!

The spiced apple comes from Iceland apparently....

Today was a rare day when I was actually home to have a proper sit down breakfast.

Yummy - It set me up for the day.

Spent the day with my Rosie. I just want her pain gone. She sleeps most of the time now and when she does wake up she looks so frightened. So I just stroke her face & hand to calm her down.

Rosie is one of the lucky ones - she has loved ones visiting. Some people do not seem to have anyone. She is surrounded by her treasures - millions of photos which she spends hours looking at when she’s having a good day. Little trinkets we bought for her when we were kids. Lots of little blue & white statues, glitter globes, a couple of gnomes & a set of Russian dolls.

Funny what matters in the end.

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