Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

Just Another

...manky Monday! Murky, misty and mizzly...a perfect day to curl up under a fleece blanket with a good book. So why did I decide that cleaning the glass on the oven door would be a good idea!! Perhaps it has something to do with the book I’m reading...”A Widow’s Hope” , quote from the back Ten years after the death of her husband... By the end of chapter one I’d established that the two had never been married - he’d died four weeks before the wedding! Do books not get proof read before they’re accepted for print these days...this sort of thing really gets my goat along with spelling mistakes, bad grammar and story continuity errors!! Sorry...rant over :-))

The bird feeders have been busy this afternoon with a flying visit from the nuthatch earlier and literally as I was writing this, a very fleeting visit from the woodpecker. The day started badly though with a disembowelled blackbird on the patio...don’t know whether it was caught at the feeder by a hawk or some such, which was then disturbed or if it was dropped from overhead! Not a pretty sight before breakfast.

Mono Monday theme this week is Key/Quay...this one belongs the conservatory door (other manufacturers are available).

Thanks to Chantler63 for hosting this month.

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