Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A very hot day

Last night although the clouds had built up over the peaks the sky above us was still clear so I went out at about 10.30pm to get some photos of the milky way. I was not that pleased with them as I used my wide angle lens which distorted everything and facing south to see the milky way I did not have a great foreground - but I have added one as an extra.

Today was a very hot day. It only got to 27C but at this altitude it feels a lot warmer. We went out for a short walk with Xena this morning but we all felt too hot and lacking energy to do anything more challenging. There was a mountain bike cycle race going on with laps going past our apartment up the very steep hill and into Davos. I am not sure how those cyclists coped in the heat, and it is such a steep hill I get pooped walking up it never mind cycling up it over and over again. I notice many were wearing heart monitors which I think was very necessary in these conditions. 

Sadly Adam and Tommy left to go home today - I made them lunch and then we dropped them at the station to get the train back to Zurich to fly home. Adam is going home to Cambridge and Tommy is going home to our house. I felt sad to say goodbye to them but we will see Adam next weekend again when he comes home for the birthday weekend (he and I have birthdays 2 days apart) - an extra of them at the station.

Much later this afternoon Gavin and I took Xena for a walk, we went on a shady path through a forest to keep cool. I took this photo as we looked back towards the village. You will notice all the little barns dotted about on the opposite mountain side, which is where we walked the other day.

Now that Scotland has added Switzerland to its list of countries requiring quarantine we are hoping that England does not do the same. The current cases of Covid in the UK are 1033 new cases whereas in Switzerland there are 251 new cases and certainly none here in the mountains so it will be a great shame if we have to quarantine.

Sadly it feels as if our holiday is coming to an end, tomorrow is our last full day. Xena went to the vet for her 'passport' check and deworming today so at least that is now done.

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