By Janashields

Different Maps

So 2 weeks ago I was printing off train timetables for transfers from Zurich airport to Kandersteg, from Kandersteg to Lucerne and then back to the airport. I also searched out a list of dragonflies of Switzerland.  Today it's back to my  my old faithful maps and my copy of Dragonflies of the Highlands. 
 I'm unable to cancel my Switzerland trip unless next Thursday the FCO advises against all but essential travel.  My only option is to transfer the booking to next year-difficult when I don't know when Eli's year at Uni will finish as it is dependant on her being able to complete her clinical placements which were cut short this year and also I don't know when Cait's re-scheduled Graduation will be.  
I've managed to book a lodge in Aviemore and we plan to drive up -something we've avoided previously.  Fingers crossed that nothing stops this break.   

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