Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

The latest sign on the marquee downtown.  I enjoy seeing these and glad the folks at the theater are keeping this going.  I hope they're keeping afloat somehow with the closures.

Took a decent walk today, the air was good enough, it felt like it had been forever.  Smoke has returned this evening, it's pungent and hanging visibly in the setting sunlight and the trees seen from our windows.  Thoughts of Covid-19 have also returned which were relegated for a while with the focus on this fire, at least for me and few other friends that I spoke to.  


CZU fire briefing at 6 p.m., day 11 of this fire

81,479 acres
24% containment
746 structures destroyed (several firefighters have lost their homes to this fire)
13,305 structures still threatened
2,019 firefighters working on this fire 

Scotts Valley, La Honda, San Gregorio, and Pescadero evacuation orders lifted and are permitted to repopulate.  52,000 people still evacuated.


Thoughts going out to those in Hurricane Laura's path. 

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