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By TMLHereAndThere

A Sign (in) of the Times

It's been a mixed bag of weather today - sun, then rain, then sun, then rain and now it's still raining. I popped down to town during a sunny spell to send something off by courier, and to pick up my re-soled boots. Earlier in the day, I'd been having a chat in the comments with carliewired in Canada about the CoVid contact tracing that is being done in NZ. 

All businesses are now required to display their QR code for the government's CoVid Contact Tracing App, and all modes of public transport will have to do so within the next few days, too.  If you don't have the app on your phone, you can still sign-in manually on a paper log, of course.  A complete diary of where you've signed-in is then stored on your phone, so you (and the Government!) can keep track of where you've been..... I wonder if, in a year's time, I'll look back on this blip and think "thank goodness that's all over," or "and here we are, still doing it"??

After picking up my boots, I popped across the road and checked my lottery ticket from the $50 million jackpot draw a couple of weeks ago (I already knew we hadn't won a big prize!)  Imagine my surprise when the woman told me I'd won $21!!  I've never won that much before. It must have been the magic words I uttered on entering the shop to buy the ticket; next time I'll have to say them more forcefully.

Another slightly odd thing happened to me, later in the evening. My phone pinged to let me know that someone had posted a question on one of the jigsaw puzzles I have listed for sale on TradeMe. It's a brand new puzzle that has never been opened (I realised the reason I've never done it is because it has way too much 'samey' sky). The box is still in its original shrink-wrapping, and is advertised as such. The 'question' was this:

"I would suggest this box is not new, it is all tatty around the edges especially on the right hand side."

I was taken aback - is it just me, or does that seem rude? 

This was my reply: "I’m sorry that you think that - I think it’s light reflection on the plastic shrink wrapping. If you look at my feedback you will see that it’s 100% positive and I would never try to pass off something as new if it was not. I’m sorry if you’ve had bad experiences with other sellers."  I also posted two more, close-up pics of the shrink wrapping on the corners of the box.

A few minutes later, my phone pinged again to say that the person had now bought the puzzle at the 'Buy Now' price (higher than the auction Reserve)! I'm still perplexed by the whole thing, and I sort of wish I didn't have to sell it to her, considering she seemed to be accusing me of lying to begin with!! Nowt so strange as folk, as they say.

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