By astudyinscarlet

on reflection

i was hopeful, then it went a bit weird - things always take a dive just when i think they're getting better. *sigh*

there were some uber-cute baby and baby-and-dog pix tho, that was nice - and volunteered too, i didn't even have to ask! keep up the good work ;-)


<the deja vu is of me watching you get stressed out while i sit there unable to help. i'm pleased she's talking, i think it's a good sign, tho no, i don't know what is being said. i just wish there were more times when you smile and fewer when you get stressed, frustrated and angry when you talk to or about her; it looks about one v five at the moment! maybe that's my problem, i dunno. whatever, there are times nothing you can say is right and until she wants change enough to do something about it, there is nothing you can do. we're doing good, no reason there can't be good elsewhere - but remember, i've waited six months, so don't expect overnight miracles! *hugs always*>

and yeah, i should maybe practice what i preach - but at least i'm preaching from a position of 'i know about this cos i did it this way and screwed up' ...

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