The belly of the beast

We're switching a couple of rooms round in the house. For the last couple of years, basically ever since the posh stereo went in the dining room, the pool table has sat with an MDF cover on it serving as a dining table. Maddy was desperate to get playing again so it's getting moved to the spare room upstairs.

A proper pub pool table weighs anywhere between 250 - 280kg. Basically just over a quarter of a tonne. The slate accounts for over half of the total weight of the table. Of course I wasn't aware of these figures when I decided through impatience and a feeling of invulnerability, to move the slate upstairs on my own. by the time I got it from the dining room to the stairs, up the stairs then right to the spare room which is the opposite side of the house from the stairs my back was feeling a bit twingey to say the least. Oh well, I thought, a good session at Taekwon Do will loosen it off.

Apparently not! My back is knackered now....

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