By Wildwood


Peter is teetering on the age of teendom chronologically, but still retains many of the more charming aspects of boyhood. He will still go for a walk with his mother and his grandmother, kick a rock down the road or hunt for the perfect red stone. He also climbs trees (and our roof--once) and will kick the ball for hours with his small cousin, Owen, who is obsessed with kicking the ball and has worn out everybody else.

Peter pronounced his red stone "perfect for throwing" and his mother said, "have you ever held a stone that wasn't perfect for throwing?" It was briefly lost close to home when he threw (or kicked) it, out of sight, but it seems he found it, because it is the latest addition to the "water feature".

David says that when he lived with roommates, one of them designed something which he called a "biomorphic accretion", a sort of skeleton upon which people could hang or stuff or balance whatever they wanted. It entertained them enormously until they got a female roommate, who immediately banned it. It seems most men still have a bit of small boy in them somewhere....

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