By dunkyc


Week one of back to work and school completed, it was time for a treat!

Initially I thought we had missed ‘Onward’ at the big screen, so I was delighted to find that the Vue in Lancaster were still showing it and tickets for only £5 per her head! 

It’s the second time I’ve been since social distancing measures were introduced and I have to say that I am fan of a massive screening room with few people in it (I think the youngest counted 12), however as a cinephile I also acknowledge that continuation of this will absolutely decimate cinemas and lead to closures, so I hope that more people return sooner rather than later.

The film itself was great and the kids chuckled along and snuggled in close in all the right places. There’s a father/son theme running throughout the film, so it was telling that near the climax both m’boy and I got something in our eyes, which made them run. Weird…

Also weird, is the fact that m’boy appears to have shrunk in this photo (either that or I ordered a much larger drink than first thought?)!

In between, a VAT of popcorn, a heroic amount of drumstick squashies and skittles were consumed. We headed back home for dinner chattering about the film all the way.

The Eldest had a nice friend round, so all four of them sat up at the table and giggled their way through a - surprisingly common - Saturday night, spag bol!

In a continuation of our current action film theme, The Eldest and I sat and watched (well, I dozed) The Rock, which is now 24 years old!! This fact, coupled with the dozing did not make me feel old at all……

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