Clifford Rock Village

I had to take Mrs madwill’s car to the garage this morning - MOT time + some other large work. Timing belt change, exhaust heat shield and new front disks and pads I knew about before it went - so was expecting a bill well over £600. However - it also needed track rod arms and lower suspension arms as well as a brake light switch to pass the MOT….the final bill is just under four figures. At least it didn’t need a service as well. Guess it will be beans on toast for tea this week!

Spotted this charming little painted rock collection nestled on the verge outside a house in Clifford whilst out and about today. ‘Clifford Rock Village : please add your own’ reads the little tablet. There are some wonderful creations - church, pub, library, shops, police station and even a beach scene! Do look LARGE for a wider view

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