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By HarlingDarling

Recovery day

Excitement today was having our old pal come round and work out what he can help us with in terms of building a deck, replacing the decayed roofed verandah and putting a third window into my work room. Wonderful to get cracking on these jobs that are honestly beyond us. It is all possible and he had good advice and suggestions which is the joy of an experienced person.

Keith set to and moved a lot of the wood we have stored on the verandah, and I worked in the work room, removing things and sorting out the space where the window will go. The window was judged to be right for the space, same size as the other two. I feel pretty sure we'll find a hole that is window sized when the wall is opened up. That would be nice!

So we had plenty to think about for the remainder of the day... I worked up at Betty's, did some washing, made some earrings later on, pottered really. The blip shows Keith sitting still before launching into the shifting of chopped wood, and after his bike ride into town and back to collect a package. He was thrilled to do the trip in record time, but sadly I didn't notice the immense speed as I had my head down working on my own things. I didn't sit down the whole time he was away, still less noticed the time passing!

Anyhow, we sat outside the front door, enjoyed all the flowers, ignored the withered and yellowing things and drank a decaff. We also rang my brother Dave who had called us this morning when we were doing yoga and we missed it. He was only wanting to show us Arthur, and Arthur to us - he's a lovely child who will be two in March. We saw him last November and a lot has changed since then! Thank goodness for WhatsApp and internet, it helps to keep the social plates spinning.

I have just warmed up some curry from the freezer, cooked some rice and laid the table, so I'm off to eat my dinner. It's 8 o'clock and the sky is going dark, but just now it's a pretty shade of lavender blue. Hope you have a fine evening! 

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