Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

The grandchildren

It's a shame that one is at the other end of the country and it would be lovely if we all lived closer. We can dream. We were back on duty today and walked with Maddie down to school. Today was P.E. day so regulations declare that P.E. clothing must be worn all day and P.E. is only allowed outside. Here's hoping we have more sunny Tuesdays! We had a lovely day with Louie playing indoors and out. He loves his football, playing with Duplo, playing with his cars and reading his growing collection of books. We went down to pick Maddie up from school. She is always so happy to see him waiting in the playground when she comes out. Once we were away from the main road he got out of his buggy, grasped her hand and walked most of the way back to the house. We then played a bit more in the garden until Mammy came home. As we were on the way home my WhatsApp pinged with some pictures of Freddie chilling out after a busy day at school. 

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