Vikersundbakken, a ski flying hill

Last stop at our roadtrip. We ate a small lunch while watch the seven ski jumps, from the small ones for young, beginners to the large one. Mr Dag also showed me the house where his parents lived the last years of the lives, close to Vikersundbakkene.
Back home mr Dag cleaned the outside of the car and I cleaned the inside. More clever than we use to be ;)
Vikersundbakken or Vikersund Hill is a ski flying hill at Vikersund in Modum, Norway. It is one of two largest purpose-built ski flying hills in the world. Nine world records have been set on the hill, with the current of 253.5 meters being set by Stefan Kraft.The complex also consists of a large hill, a normal hill and several training hills.
Thank you for your nice words yesterday :))

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