By AnneILM60


Kent calls me from work, just before 8am, to ask that I make lanyards for each of the grandkids to use with their face masks.

He also said that when he got home, he was going to get out one of the necklaces I had made him and he would like me to make it into a lanyard for him.

Apparently there are several other people working in his building for the next while and a few of them are in the open cubicle area in the central part of the building.

Kent doesn’t need to wear his mask while I’m his office but there are time when going to other areas that he will. He needs to always have his masks “on” even when not wearing it.

I was going to the post office to drop off a box I was mailing to my Mum and also going to fuel up my car so I also went to Hudson’s and bought 10 mini alligator clips.

I spent my afternoon and evening making lanyards.

Austin likes teal and I tried to make his more age appropriate for middle school.

Mason likes orange and is a Clemson fan so he got the orange accents in his.

Taylor Beau likes blue and I had these simple rainbow blue beads

Jackson likes green and I’ve been able to give hint this frog pond green look.

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