Wherever I Lay

my hat self!

Furlough Day 152, 12.09.20

Such a funny cat, she's lying on the soil that came out of the ground for the new fencing on Monday and seems quite comfy!  She won't like it when I start planting bulbs in the ground...and I'll have to do something to stop her lying there then!

I had plans for today, but had a rotten night last night as my sinuses were really bad and stuffed up :(  So its been an easy day. reading mostly and I've just cooked a turkey and broccoli pilaf.  First time of cooking and I found it tasty but rather dry... 

Hoping I'm better tomorrow as I'm popping back to where I used to live for lunch with some friends - a BBQ no less :)

In the extra, totally the wrong settings on the camera...

Happy Saturday folks :)

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