Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Minimal: Wide Wednesday

A wide Wednesday entry taken of the lake full of sparkles and a single floating buoy. The mountains were in the mist and not very visible.

Thanks to Freyjad for hosting today's challenge with the theme: minimal.

A lovely outing today! I was invited to my daughter's for lunch. I took the morning train to be able to enjoy the lakeside before taking the bus up to where she lives in the town of Morges (not far from Lausanne). She had a surprise to show me in the form of an adorable 3-month old kitten with amber eyes. Both my daughter and I are cat people and she knew that I would be besotted !  We went for a huge long walk with lots of steep steps up and down, partly in the forest  and I thought I would never make it. That was a total of 15.087 steps walked throughout the day. Whew!

I also saw my grandson for an hour, which was lovely!

The kitten, called Amy is a British shorthair breed and her colour is called 'lilac'!

Extra: collage of the amber-eyed darling and my daughter walking ahead of me on our long strenuous walk! This was the end part and much easier after all those steep steps!

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