La vida de Annie

By Annie

Centre Zoologic Lloc De Menorca.

New Normality day 89.
With the encouragement from afar of #2D, I´ve been trying to be a little more active and fight the fear of being out in the open of Covid world. A morning dogwalk was followed by a trip (minus dogs) to the Zoo. I usually get an annual pass and go there at least once a month, but didn´t this year as it opened very late in the season and also I´ve not been out anywhere public except for supermarkets.
The extended shutdown has allowed the family who run the zoo to make lots of improvements, and as well as new and extended natural enclosures there are a lot of larger than life artifacts typical of the island on display. I followed the sound of some soothing flamenco music to find this talented guy creating a beautiful mosaic on an urn, with his radio for company. There were very few other visitors so I felt perfectly safe there, which boosted my confidence a little. Extras are a native Menorcan cow posing by a typical Menorcan gate, and some of the other inmates just chilling. Those black pot bellied pigs (yes, they are black) certainly belted out some resounding snores.

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