Confidential Waste

Something I have a lot of every week. Last week I told you about my paper making - so here is last week’s confidential waste. No shredder needed, just a bowl of water. This is my thinnest sheet of paper yet. I’m quite pleased with it. I am still putting poppy and honesty seeds in it, and this has a tinge of pink, because last week I was using a pink pen to make my notes!! I don’t know how easy it will be in the winter to get each page to dry - but I guess I will find out!

Today has been horribly busy at work. Not fun, the phone calls never ending. I’ve found myself thinking about whether I really want to do this for ever. But really there is no choice - well, not for another 5 years anyway. I did go out at lunchtime which was a first, and had a wander round Sheringham, but it was extremely busy with holidaymakers, and so I kept my mask on. Got some tape to use with the bunting and a couple of other bits.

Popped over to my friend in the next village after work, to lend her my incubator. She has lots of eggs from her chickens, and as she has a cockerel they will all be fertile. She offered them to me, but I don’t want any more hens so she is going to have a go! I will be back in 21 days to see them hatch. Her two children are only 1 and 2, so they are going to love having chicks!

Watching gardeners world upstairs in bed with my gin and tonic. Then I think I’ll have an early night!

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