By Artyfartyannie

These Two

Backdated blip. I’m way behind...... They are staying for the weekend to give their parents a.rest and celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary.

I took them to the farm and it was a fabulous day of weather too. They enjoyed everything and so did I. Mr AF stayed at home to rest as. He did not sleep well last night. We headed straight for the bouncy pillow. It’s big and load of kids jumping furiously.
Then huge slides and running around making friends. At last we found the pigs in a lovely wood of their own.... Then the new acquisitions of reindeer....... and in the middle of it all ....an ice cream. I decided on a coffee ....... brownie points for me !

On the way home on the newly laid path we met a swan ........ it was narrow and we didn’t know how to pass it. It had a family.... we made it in the end. Extra photos

Home and a bath for them and relaxation for all of us. We were there for hours.

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