From little ...

... honeycomb seeds, glorious poppies grow.

I took a virtual visit to this year's "The Photography Show", and inevitably came away withe little something for the camera bag!  I've had my eye on this macro lens to complete my Olympus mirrorless setup for a while, but a 20% discount was too much to pass by.

The lens turned up today, just in time for MaryElizaR's Tiny Tuesday Challenge of something mono.  The lens is going to take some time to get used to, and for really close up work, such as my subject, will probably need to be on a tripod.  In the meantime, I am delighted by the results so far.

This image shows a close up of the tiny seeds from an oriental poppy - who would have believed that those tiny black dots had such an intriguing pattern on their surface.

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