Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Wild at the coast today

It was a battle with the wind to remain standing at the coast today. There were plenty of spectators enjoying the wild waves. Fortunately there were no fishermen at the end of the pier - there usually are - but there were a couple of them getting well and truly soaked at the other end. Madness. I was pleased to get home to a heated house and mugs of hot tea. We had a taste of Winter today.
We called in to see Maddie and Louie this morning with their M&S order. It is no wonder my shopping bill is so high - but I don't mind. Louie had a very snotty nose but it did not diminish his mischievous smile. He had a haircut yesterday and looks very grown up. He has new Thomas the Tank Engine slippers and some pictures of Freddie pinged into my WhatsApp. He has new PJs and slippers too. Maddie asked of she could come to our house in the break between her dance lessons today so we had a lovely 3 hours of fun and girly chat. She was teaching me some dance moves, bless her. She is a born teacher - so patient, well organised and very good at encouraging her students. My dance is a work in progress so no holding of breath waiting for the evidence please!

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