By Ridgeback13


Another slowish start then breakfast at Frost’s withT as he contemplates his future in (or more likely out of) the nighttime economy sector. The latest curfews etc mean it’s likely his bar will close down and he’ll be out of a job soon. Just as well he’s been building up a gardening business over the last few months but unlikely to be much to do there over the winter. He’ll manage though...he’s got a strong entrepreneurial streak and works hard.
Finished digging up the plants in Mt&H’s garden then gave kids lunch and chatted and played with Higgs (thing about packing is all sorts of random stuff turns up as drawers are emptied...like the Santa hat in extra!). Afterwards I headed out to the park with them. Although it had started sunny and bright this morning by the time we got there it was cloudy and windy...pretty chilly! Still, we had a good play and then they had an ice cream cone each then we headed for a walk around the lake...not incredibly successful as Mx wasn’t really in the mood and kept stopping, taking his wellies off and generally messing about -he did enjoy shouting under the bridge though!
Trying to keep the kids out of the house as long as possible so we then took them to the M&S cafe for drinks and treats (and tea for us!) for a while, discussing A’s plans for house and car buying.
Bought some stuff for supper then headed back and ate together before H out for farewell drinks with her friends. I watched a rather boring film with Mt...the King of Staten Island. It was ok but the trailer had all the good bits in it so the thing dragged a bit. Once he’d been to collect H, I then headed to bed. They’ve got so much done today...cleared and packed all the playroom and garage so we’re feeling very pleased. Glad to have been of help.

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