Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Outdoor Education

We are always happy when the sun shines and we can work and play outside. Louie would happily do that in the rain so Winter will be a time for wellies and waterproofs. He is a real outdoor type. We put the picnic blanket out and he played for a long time just exploring his Duplo. He has quite large hands and his grip is excellent as is his imagination. He is using his right hand a lot more these days but is definitely left footed. I bought him the water painting book in Aldi last week and he was mesmerised by the colour changes as he applied the water to the pictures. He may be less thrilled tomorrow when he realises his hard work has disappeared. We will do some proper painting next week.
It had all been a bit chaotic at their house this morning as it is Daddy's birthday. He beat a hasty retreat before I could turn the camera on him. Maddie managed to practise her spellings in a moment of calm. It was fortunate that Louie left his "music making" until we arrived at our house. Who needs toys when you have a stainless steel bin and some pans and utensils? He is a mirror image of his Daddy and he does everything his Daddy used to do at that age.
Happy birthday M - no party this year but you can celebrate with your lovely wife and 2 delightful children. Enjoy the cake. I forgot to blip it and there may be none left tomorrow!

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