By littlemissquirk

Veni Vedi Veci

A better day!
Cheered up no end with not one but two socially distant visits in the garden. Women need women, and tea and biscuits so it was good to see some familiar faces to chew the fat about life and not have to be The Patient.
Mum came up from Kelso and another ring hurdle crossed. I drove! Bloody painful and arms didn’t thank me later but managed it.
We went into Edinburgh to see my daughter’s drama club production of Julius Caesar. This started as a wee project in January. Continued rehearsals over Zoom during lockdown and the result was this, pretty professional for amateurs, play. Thanks to a few drop outs along the way, R played numerous characters, many citizens, and a murderer at one point. Ol’ Bill’s prose brought a little confusion to the story line as did one of the actors mistakenly giving a line too early, so they seamlessly jumped on to that next bit thus losing the entire fifth act :))). We audience didn’t notice but wondered why the promised 40 minutes ended at 25... perhaps it was the interval? Hang on, everyone is dead, and we’ve had the cast bow and applause so maybe not.

So good to see her so confident, mother and grandmother beamed with pride. Afterwards, picked up brother H after his first day’s work ( albeit 3 hours after school) Working in a nursery might not be quite what I would see his character lending itself to, however, he coped and wasn’t too traumatised though first sight of a nappy and he’ll be off.
Curry and Rummikub to celebrate, hoorah for a normal day!

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