Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Blue sky day

We had an unexpected morning off today and had a lie in! I still got up at 6 - half an hour later than normal. I see no sense in staying in bed when i am wide awake. We did our shopping and were very disappointed at the offerings in M&S today. Everything seemed to have a very short use by date and some of our regular buys were not on the shelves. We did manage to get all of Maddie's requests so that was a relief. The bill was half of what we normally spend but we will need to top up over the weekend. We wiped everything down and put it away - did not take as long as usual! After a refreshing cuppa we pottered in the garden. The cloudless blue sky and sunshine were most welcome. The sunflower - one of the gifts from Blipper dogwithnobrain - looked so amazing that I had to blip it again. This one is over 2.5 metres tall and has 5 heads. There are still 4 to open. I have loved watching them grow and they have brightened up my garden.

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