Life through the lens...

By ValC

Golden Acre Park

What a glorious Autumn morning.
Mr C suggested we have a ride out to Golden Acre Park.
I didn't need asking twice!
We haven't been this year because of Covid 19.

As expected the car park was full.However we were lucky as someone pulled out just as we were about to give up.

So a very enjoyable walk round the park.
Unfortunately there were no dahlias on display this year, and many of the flowerbeds were empty, also the vegetable plots, and greenhouses.
However the late flowering perennials still looked good, and the butterflies were enjoying the nectar of the buddleia bush, which was a most unusual but beautiful colour.

There was a queue for the cafe, which we avoided. Fortunately I had taken a flask of coffee and Bounty Bars.

Everyone was keeping a safe distance when walking round. We didn't meet too many people.
Only problem was a group of three young mums ( or maybe nannies)
Each with a buggie and two toddlers. Busy chatting to one another, and blocking the wide pathway. Totally oblivious to anyone coming towards them. Fortunately we could move onto the grass.
We certainly didn't see any social distancing there.

We also had a walk round Adel Dam, the Yorkshire Wild Life Reserve.
Had the woods to ourselves.
The hides were open, but the bird feeders had been taken away.
We decided to have a look in the large one, overlooking the dam itself.
Not a dicky - bird in sight.
So continued through the woods. All very quiet except for the birdsong.
Did spot a few fungi, and of course the grey squirrels.
The mandarin ducks were on the main lake in the park.  I wonder where the nuthatches and wood peckers were.

Home for lunch.
Picked my washing in, which had dried while we were out.
Certain;y gladt we made the most of the day before storm Alex comes tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone.

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