By Artyfartyannie

Moth on Pansy

He looked like a Moth as opposed to the Butterfly but having done some research I think I will settle for Moth....I don't know the fellow from Adam. Maybe you experts in blip might tell me. Later he was in the Greenhouse I put him gently outside........... I'm adding this on as 2 people have identified this moth..... It is a Silver Y moth and I have added it in extra

A much better day for us today as all has been quiet on the Western front !!
The Eastern front is better too as Mr AF had a slightly improved day. He spoke to the hospital.......the nurse from the Oncology. He reiterated that he did want a bone scan and a CT scan as promised by the junior oncologist. It had not been activated but she will look into it tomorrow. His last scan was in February. I could not find any info on how many of these scans you can have in a year. You will be injected with a radioactive substance.......small of course. Maybe my sons can help me on that as they are good with finding things out.......

I will put extras of this creature so as he/she can be identified by you clever guys out there. I learn a lot doing blip. Thank you so much.....

I do hope that there is no frost tonight. Some of the tender things are hammered

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