love light

By lrw


Yikes - Two Dilemmas!

1. Immanent ski trip and camera choices.
2. Open bottle of Chianti and only me drinking it.

What to do?

First the big issue...

I was making dinner (wild caught Canadian Pacific snapper, baked. Rice pilaf with saffron. Salad.) I opened a bottle of wine as I do just about *every* night ;). Karin says "hmm, I think I won't have any tonight". Yikes! You mean I have to drink this entire bottle .... All. By. My. Self.??!!

First dilemma solved. ;)

Second issue... I'm heading off on a ski trip with Karin and my kids (they are in their twenties, so hardly "kids") on Saturday and I don't want to take my big Nikon SLR. I was on the lookout for a new "pocket" camera. But I have this very functional Olympus PEN (E-PL1) and am quite happy to take it. But it's not nearly as good as my D300. But it's so much smaller and lighter and I can take it (more safely) on the slopes with me.

Second issue... YTBS (Yet To Be Solved). :D :D :D

ps. Dinner was pretty nice. Not my best effort, but very tasty, none the less. And Karin's salad was very good too!

pps. I have a sister-in-law who likes to dismiss people's issues and in this case almost certainly would have said "Oh! First world problem!" or some such thing. All I can say is - ya? So what? I'm still struggling. It's no less a quandary for me! :D

ppps. Not much wine left ;)

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