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By ajt


For a few days my left elbow has been hurting, it doesn't like it if I lift something with my left arm, and I've no idea what I've done. There is no bruise, I don't remember knocking it and I've not lifted anything heavy with my left arm... I've been trying Diclofenac gel to see if that helps. I can say it smells of solvent when it goes on and it's cold as the solvent evaporates... It's not making a huge difference, but I think it's working a little. I've also tried cold packs, which are a pain to hold in place...

This week hasn't been any better than last week and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better. Work is so slow at the moment as our clients sit on their hands, and work is scarce. Unlike some of the big boys who are gorging on the public purse, we don't have the advantage of having a tame cabinet minister in our pocket...


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