By KatesGardenPDX

A Productive Saturday

Did I mention that we're leaving on a road trip tomorrow morning? A very safe, distanced, loop around the northern northwest. We probably will see fewer people than we might here in our little bubble...staying at safe, clean hotels with contactless check in. So I'll be posting photos from other places! After almost a year of not traveling (I was in Portugal last year at this time, and Italy the year before!) just going somewhere I haven't seen before is going to be a veritable treat! 

So you can imagine that the day has been mostly about getting ready to go.

But I did have a fun time this morning shooting photos for a company called Garden Like a Girl. They make terrific garden gloves and shirts for women (who garden obviously). I stumbled across them a year or more ago and have been supporting them in any way I can - they're here in Portland. They have a cool story if you click through. The owner asked if I'd take some photos in trade for a pair of gloves...why the heck not! So my good friend Wendy came over this morning and helped me shoot. I'd set up the camera and then either she or I would do something garden like with the gloves clearly visible. And you'll see that I'm wearing the shirt - best and most comfortable garden shirt ever! It's made of 50% recycled plastic bottles! 

At any rate, this is my favorite photo of me. And the extra is the shot I call "Tree Hugger" since we were playing around. 

Happy Saturday all! 

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