By Ridgeback13


Very quiet day. Woke to dull damp start so got a cup of tea and called Mt&H to see how they’re getting on in the house. Kids bedrooms all sorted and the sitting room seems set up, WiFi is working and they’re preparing for the work to be done in the kitchen. Need quite a lot done in the garden but that gives T a job to do!
Once I was up I had some breakfast then set off for a walk around Holyrood Park and by half way round the clouds lifted and it became quite warm and sunny. Lovely. Listened to my new book, Scabby Queen by Kristin Innes...enjoying it.
Home and baked a coconut and lime drizzle cake batch cooked soup and chilli for the week, caught up on work and cleaned the kitchen. What a different day than 2 years ago at T&K’s wedding (extras). They’ve had a wet weekend in a shepherd’s hut in wales....given the downpours it was perhaps not the best choice but you can’t predict weather.... in fact this is probably more usual than the gorgeous warm sunny day they had!

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