By LenBageDigital

No intiendo!

I have to confess to not really understanding fishing! As a means to eat and stay alive, yes, but as a hobby, a 'sport' - I just don't get it! It's cruel, it's cold, it's (usually) miserable and, from what I see, many times you go home after a few hours without having caught anything! At Esthwaite Water in the Lake District, I came across this chap who had taken it to the next level. He had built himself a little island on which he sat not two yards from the shore, surrounded by his boxes, nets, bait and rods. Now call me stupid but, in the grand scheme of things, when you have cast the hook and float on the end of your line 20 metres or so in to the water, does that couple of feet extra from the shore really make any difference? Why not just stand or sit on the shore? So much easier if you need a pee, something from your car, whatever! No, I definitely don't get it!

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