More Games with Lingonberries

Many thanks for your good wishes after I mentioned feeling under the weather yesterday. I started today lethargically, still feeling a little off, but after lunch I was outside working and now I've spent the evening working with our lingonberries so it seems to have been a rather short-lived bug.
Using some of our bounty from a few days back we are experimenting with raw lingon cordial (Rårörd lingondricka).
*Take two kg berries, rinsed clean. Whiz them in a blender. (Here you see half whizzed and half about to go.)
*Add one litre water and two teaspoons of citric acid.
Leave 24 hours. That's  what I'm doing now.
*We'll drain through a jelly cloth.
*Add 360g sugar to every litre of juice, and stir till the sugar is dissolved.

*Pour into clean (sterilised) bottles.

*Store in a cool dark place (fridge or cellar in our case).
*Dilute with water when you drink it. About 1 cordial to 3 water.
Full of vitamin C and A so we won't get scurvy.
Lingonberries have naturally high levels of benzoic acid as well, a natural preservative which is why you can keep the products without cooking. The sugar also helps preserve of course.
I've made a jar of lingon berries + sugar. The sugar dissolves to create a sort of sauce around the berries - good as a pudding, or with meat dishes.
And lingon water - fill a bottle with berries, top up with water. Leave in a cool place. Drink the water after a while and top up the bottle again.  So far that has lasted a month without going off, and gives a delicate, slightly sour drink.
It's fun having so many berries to play with.

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