Happy bird

This honeyeater was super chirpy this afternoon. Below it, in the same tree, were two disgruntled looking doves. It was a funny contrast.

Father-in-law is comfortable in hospital. They thing something is up with his heart. We continue to pray for him. It’s a worrying time for poor mum-in-law.

Abe has had three good walks today. He has been much better than yesterday at checking in with us and not pulling as much. We took him to the vet's this afternoon to look at some lumps on his nose. They think it's allergies or maybe bites, but nothing to worry about.

MrB and I went for a quick walk which turned into almost 8 km. We'll sleep well tonight.

Oh, and I just found out that I passed my latest module (7 of 12) tonight, so that's work celebrating. Module 8, here I come!


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