The very last sunflower standing.

Busy day today. My first beginners class for Pilates earlier this morning.
It certainly put me through my paces!
The teacher was recommended by a friend who is now above the intermediate level.
She is very good and explained the moves and how to do them, which I could not have really learned if I’d begun on-line.
It will be 6 initially and if anymore restrictions arise she will move to Zoom.
So at least I will get the basics before that may happen.
Back to have yet another coffee with a friend this afternoon, with Stephen.
Tomorrow I am having my flu jab, which was postponed 3 weeks ago as they ran out of vaccine.
Quick blip just before teatime as I was doing a bit of tidying in the flower borders.
Sorry if my comments will be sparse this evening!
It will soon be teatime and then a bit more reading and tv.
I downloaded last night’s All Creatures Great and Small.
This series was filmed in Grassington where Stephen’s parents spent the last 16 years of their lives. They lived in Crag Cottage at the rear of the Congregational Church, and his dad looked after their garden and also did some caretaking duties.
Our niece was married there a few years ago.
His brother still lives up there not far from the village, in Threshfield across the bridge. And his cousin Jean is still in the village itself. She used to complain about all the disruption when they we’re filming but it must have brought in some revenue at the time!

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