By spannarama

Chilli flower

(These ones keep falling off, for some reason - but a few look like they'll carry on to produce chillies.)

Up super early today, as Tim had to be at the hospital at 7am.  I walked up with him and said goodbye outside (no visitors allowed inside), then headed back home for a day of (slightly distracted) work.  Poor Tim had to wait until midday for his op (with nothing to eat or drink all morning), but it all went well, and I was able to go and collect him (in his car) a little after 5pm.

Gave my Mum a call after lunch, to update her, and to hear all about her birthday weekend (and the demo motability car which she'd had delivered today and was very taken with).  Spoke to my boss this afternoon too - she called to see how Tim was, and to ask a favour - I've agreed to put together a photo book of all the staff's pictures and messages for our colleague Martin who is retiring soon after 30-something years.

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