By spannarama

Geese crossing

Poor Tim was awake most of the night (the same thing happened the last time he had a general anaesthetic - I'm sure it makes most people sleepier!) - he got up, watched a couple of films, and only came back to bed at 6am (and then only slept for an hour).  I slept OK, but feel nearly as tired as him this evening, so we're aiming for 9 o'clock bedtime.

Had a good day at work, while Tim rested on the sofa.  Got some surprising news about a (frankly useless) colleague today - he has resigned with immediate effect.  Win!  Wondering what the story is though....

Went for a walk (first one in ages) this evening - just to the pond and back.  Spotted the geese crossing the road again - using the zebra crossing this time, very safe :D

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