By Hillyblips


It may look like just a duck but no, this is an incredibly rare one for these parts! I'm twitching again! :))

My itinerary for the day was looking full to put it mildly with seemingly a million and one things to do.Working on the theory that if I keep the camera beside me something will turn up -or- a blinding flash inspiration will strike.

No blinding flashes but on passing Pittville Lake into Cheltenham with a fifteen minute window on the way to the dentist I thought I'd check out if the very special Great Northern Diver was still frequenting the lake.

Straight away seeing the 'lenses' running up and down the lakeside I knew I'd made a good call but...did I have the time? They stay underwater for minutes on end and emerge a long way from where they originally submerged. On taking this shot I was blissfully unaware that Cheltenham High Street was impassable with roadworks and I was already cutting it fine for the dentist. And so my day went on.....late for nearly everything, getting there in the end but a fraction stressed!

However, moving on..... this incredible rarity for Cheltenham is a ferocious eater - in fact anything by the sound of it from haddock, herring, prawns,eels, trout and crabs - not many of those on Pittville lake! But he looks happy or he wouldn't have hung around. Not so sure about the guy with a fishing rod though! I didn't have the heart to tell him there was probably not much fish left in there now!

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