Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

...None the worse for the nibbling...

I told one of my blip-friends that I'd blip a proper picture of the tulips, so this is for you, EmyJane and for Little Larry, too!

The tulips were none the worse for the tasting done by my little Phoebe yesterday (who thanks you very much for sending her to the Spotlight today). It seems that she was more interesting in scarfing down the leaves than in eating the petals. Rest assured that the only reason she didn't go after the booms is because they weren't open - she likes her meals easy. Little scamp.

Today was the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count which began this morning WORLWIDE at 8 AM Eastern Time and runs through Monday, 18 February (again, New York time). Anyone can easily participate - there is no fee and you can watch for as little as 15 minutes. And you don't have to watch in your backyard - anywhere will be fine ... lakes, oceans, deserts, forests, etc. They post real time maps of the entire world, updating instantly as lists are electronically submitted. I know, I know - it's the ultimate in geekiness! But it's fun to be geeky. Really!

My bird shots for today are in a FLCKR album HERE so have a look if you'd care to. It wasn't a particularly busy day at the feeders since the temps were an unseasonal 50 F today. However, tomorrow we are supposed to have snow showers so I expect a better showing.

Thanks for all the well wishes lately. Yesterday's PT session seemed to really help - I think it was the traction that made the difference. I was pain-free yesterday and still feeling very good today too. So, yay!


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