By Ridgeback13

Push through

Not a great day. A very typical set of dilemmas for me when the weather’s not great and I don’t have a clear plan, especially when I don’t have the car (it’s at V’s). Always feel I should get out and get exercise after a sedentary week but the promised sunshine that would have spurred me on didn’t appear. I’d like to have headed off to a forest for a walk to see the autumn colours but without the car that wasn’t easy. Needed a destination for a walk and found out about a new cafe so set off to walk there. Forgot both my earphones and glasses so couldn’t listen to my current novel and couldn’t read anything when I later stopped for coffee....grr!
Slight problem with the map but found it in the end...and it wasn’t open for another half hour, so returned to Victor Hugo’s on the Meadows to sit outside and watch the world go by with a coffee and doughnut. Would have been better if they hadn’t forgotten my coffee and the rather frazzled and unfriendly waitress wasn’t happy when I asked what had happened. In the meantime someone I wasn’t keen to talk to ended up sitting at the next table. Not sure how I felt when I realised she’d looked straight at me but not recognised me before I saw her....I’ve obviously aged terribly in the last year! Sat awkwardly trying to avoid her, then caught sight of Iz (H’s sister) chatting animatedly with 3 friends at another table. Decided not to gatecrash their fun but headed home in a grump. This old shop front with its sign seemed somehow apposite. When I passed Field restaurant I was sad to see it looking as if they’ve packed up...gas hob by the window and all the tables piled in a corner. What a crying shame if so....
Was hoping to repaint the windowsills but given rain was forecast I didn’t want to start it. Tidied up a bit then chatted to A as she drove to Swindon to see a car she’s keen to buy, mulling over all the factors she needs to consider. Unpacked some old photos and things that Mt had found in the garage when he was packing....loved the school report for his science skills given he’s now a biochemist, a photo of A on Monet’s garden bridge aged 1 and of my brother and I when I was probably about 5 and then me aged 18 (extra).
Ended up watching a film (Rocks...pretty good and great young actors) and knitting, then since the rain still hadn’t started decided to just do the painting anyway. Of course after I’d done 3 it then rained heavily...typical today! The rest will need to wait till tomorrow.
Made some supper and then settled down to more knitting...finished the left front....and watched some nonsense. I hate days like today but it was a classic of those ones. Tomorrow’s another day....

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