Life through the lens...

By ValC

Broken web.

Clear blue skies and sunshine first thing, but soon turned to rain.
Looking through the lounge window, I noticed the sun shining on the web, which a spider had woven, in between the rails of next door ‘s gates.
If you look very closely you may be able to spot the spider in the top right hand corner.
I think a few repairs are needed.

It has been a very disappointing day for us.
After talking on the phone to K. we have both thought it best that we don’t attend their wedding in Dorset next Monday.
The other 8 guests are all from areas in Tier 1.
One over 80 with health problems, and another two late 70s.
As we are in Tier 2 in wouldn’t be fair to mix with them, even keeping our distance, which would be difficult at a wedding.
We had planned to stay in the Cotswolds on the way back, making it a short break.
So spent the afternoon cancelling hotels.
Fortunately have the money refunded.
All very disappointing, but we will meet up when this is all over.

Our neighbour has had to cancel their trip up to the very North of Scotland to visit her mum and dad. She hasn’t seen them since before Christmas last year. They are elderly and both vulnerable, so again for the best.

It is really important we stick to the new rules, however difficult, to get the infection rate down.

So stay safe, and keep smiling.
Remember hands, face, space.

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