By Irish59


Knowing the rain wasn’t due for a couple of hours this morning, we hustled to get our outdoor chores done and got Newt out and back in before it started • Rainy days have been a rarity these past few months so we’re both enjoying being stuck inside. Mrs.P is sorting through her clothes: keep, give away, and I’m not sure are her three categories. I’m doing laundry (of course) and taking photos of outside through not-so-clean windows • The feeders are busy despite the rain but what caught my eye most of all are the drips. Some slow, some quick, many hesitant to fall, but all have a distinct rhythm. Drips come in all different shapes and sizes too. Round. Lean. Oval. Tall. Tiny. Full. They are a wonderful sight and our hope is enough drips and drops add up to saturate the soil. So much is needed to eliminate this drought • I’m off to the kitchen to make vegan chili for dinner. It will be warm and filling for the chilly rainy night ahead • Can’t wait until we chat again tomorrow! Take good care.

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