Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Skeletons

Gloomy to start, VERY windy,  but no rain today... lots of exercise, a bakery pickup,  and then Fiona Tuesday.   She took this picture with her iPad,  giving us a tour of her front porch and part of the skeleton family that are getting ready for Halloween.  One needed major hip reconstruction surgery but they are all safe from the coronavirus with their masks (!)
My favorite of the extra photos was the stripes of light coming thru the blinds when she was getting the popcorn to pop. But the popcorn did interfere with her reading to us.   She is a love. 
And then.. hallelujah !  Our condo annual meeting happened on zoom, after H and I refused to meet everyone in the garage.   So now our nervous president got confidence from how well it worked (I had told him how many blippers had previously reported their good experience with zoom for condo meetings )
Now a little bit of Aurelio Zen..:-)

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