Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Busy day, no blipping!

The day finally ended at 01.30 as we flopped into our bed. It began as days here generally do with some reflective reading and thinking, some yoga and a wash and brush up. Then Rose rang to say she was out of the operating theatre, awake, feeling great and ready to be collected! Wonderful! But we hadn't even had breakfast and were thinking of driving southwards in a couple of hours, at the time she suggested would be about right.

So we scrambled like marines or something similar, pulling ourselves together faster than fast and threw ourselves into the car, left the village with wheels squealing. (not really, but imagine the whoosh of speed and the clouds of dust!) We arrived at the hospital to see Rose waving at us happily, she had already walked 5000 steps in the glorious sunshine of this crisp autumn day.  Keith prepared to drive her hone and I prepared to drive her car home - but first a trip to the best second hand shop in the area. Rose, newly operated on for the removal of gallstones was keen to go there too - she is an amazing, energetic and inspiring 73 year old!

We had two cars so I could take the sort of time a really good charity shop requires and came home with a pair of short, black, winter boots to replace the ones I had where the sole suddenly fell right off and I was informed could not be stuck back on as the material melts in contact with glue. Talk about built in obsolescence! Those boots are in very good shape, I am loath to throw them out, and I'm wondering about "sewing" the flapping sole back on with wire or something. (my Dad wired the buttons onto his work jacket as the thread kept snapping, my family has form) My fingers are itching! Anyhow, I now have another pair, leather with Gortex lining and a decent profile to stop me from slipping in the mud/snow/etc. I can afford new ones but can't bear the work of tracking them down, I'd rather browse in a charity shop than a shopping mall any day and find treasure. I cleaned them up and made them mine in the usual way, which is part of the fun.

Other finds were a simple quilt that I can use for wadding tea cosies and bags (the latest production line) and the book Factfullness, by the wonderful Hans Rosling, description here. All about "
Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think ". 
A book whose time has surely come? Oh, and a very big bright red plastic cooking spoon to go with the quite big orange one we already have and use almost daily. These are vintage items from the 70s and probably leak all sorts of shit stuff into the stews and soups, but hey ho, they make us smile.

We spent several hours at a political meeting where 2 new board members were voted in, two dynamic women who have lots to offer. The board once again consists of 3 men and 4 women, it will be interesting to see how we shape up. It isn't easy running things during the pandemic with restrictions and fearful members to take into account. The meeting continued with Nina O telling us all about the county level politics around health care. It is a vital service and isn't working as smoothly, or as fairly at it should do. Hard to follow the intricacies of this sort of thing, and made even harder by technical problems, no visuals of the person speaking, or the group listening, and extremely poor sound quality. We were using the council offices as they are big & don't cost us anything. Sadly the fire walls are ginormous so our technological solutions just don't work within the building... It was exhausting to be honest. Good discussion afterwards though.

Came home and had a cheese sandwich at 9 o'clock. Then a Facetime call came in and surprised us all! The "cleaning and sprucing up of the boots" job was done whilst conversing with Jude and Dave for 2 hours over Facetime, our regular Thursday slot (this has happened two weeks running and we forgot all about it this time!) Very good to talk and to listen and to catch up - but it meant no blip, and no reading, and a very late night. And so the days go, full to bursting with all kinds of activities, and thankfully also a good night's sleep.

During this same day, many miles away, friends were holding a funeral for a baby that didn't make it into life, a tender farewell and a time of much love and support. I thought of them in the gaps between everything else, which is better than not thinking at all I suppose. The distance during these covid times is not getting any shorter anytime soon it seems, but emotional closeness is still available. I'm grateful for that.

The blip is one half of the inside window in our bedroom, looking out on a sunny day, we're having another one now! I will soon test the new boots, skipping over the frosty ground, and the muddy fields and see how they do.

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