By MsMun

Compacted Crop

It's hard to tell why some days the qi moves well, and on others, it is thicker than honey on a cold winters day.  

I spring-cleaned the chicken house, forked a massive pile of weeds into their enclosure, relocated and replaced two rat chewed plastic feed bins with galvanised metal ones, and moved all of our seven teenage quails into their outdoor home.  Sadly, and interestingly I discovered a rat's nest directly under well positioned holes at the base of the plastic bins.  They had full easy access to a whole rat-sized silo of feed!  Imagine if we had a secret back door to the supermarket...
The sad part is that there were three dead and dying baby rats nestled in the sweetest way in their fur lined subterranean bed.  I think their parents must have brought home rat poison from our neighbour's place.  I don't feel I can say anything to our neighbour about the poison as they graciously put up with all the noise and rodents, and are very accomodating with the bees.

More soil was barrowed up the steep driveway for the tomato bed...  
my legs are the size of tree trunks. 
I don't want them to be transplanted from their tubes yet, as the chickens free range through that garden bed.  J is going to build some gates from my stash of scrap timber to keep them out.  That is carpentry job #99. 


This picture looks awful.
I am not actually molesting the poor chicken.
I noticed that Silkie was not very energetic yesterday and worse this morning.  She has a compacted crop.  It's a pouch to the side of the right breast muscle where food is stored before entering the stomach.      
The crop was hard and unusually distended. 
Dr Google advised for two teaspoons of coconut oil down the gullet, and 10 minutes of gentle circular massage - repeat up to 3 times over 2 hours.     
She's was a bit flappy at first.  I think it's helped her because I heard a few gurgles from deep in her chest.  And to my delight, I found out chickens can burp.


Other than that small intervention, the other excitement is that we have totally reconfigured the office.
Apart from slight resistance and doubt from the usual quarters, it has worked out beautifully.  Office version 2.0 gives us floor space next to the french door that leads outside to the (future) bamboo courtyard.   Bella likes to work on the floor so this will suit her.
The stick insect and all the walstad tanks have better solar exposure.
Even J is happy with his extra bench space.
I just need to sew up some heavy drapes that draw around Dylan in a round so that he can go ape-shit while gaming without making his dad go ape-shit.  
If we can still hear him through the drapes I will whack him with the broomstick. He won’t know who it is.

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