Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand


Hello there.

My name is Raquel. I'm an amateur photographer, living and working South East England. I love to travel but COVID 19 has put a hold to any long haul travel plans I might have been thinking about. I grew up in East Africa and spent about four or five years traveling. However, it was love that brought me to England three years ago.

My equipment is primarily the camera on my Samsung S10 and Lumix Panasonic G1 Bridge Camera I got as a gift from my other half. I love to share photos of the world around me when and where I can. As they say, the world is my oyster. Instagram works to a degree but the simplicity of Blipfoto brought me back (this is my second attempt at Blipping after a broken phone and depression stopped me).

I'm also a writer, much of which ends up on my blog (link in Bio). My life isn't dull and I want to share my world with you.

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