The Daily Martin

By martinalexrolph


What's this? A photo with a real camera? A real camera that doesn't belong to someone else? Madness!

Which is another way of saying that I finally have my own camera, a shiny new Panasonic GX1. My dad is very derisive; he keeps telling me it's not a real camera and that Panasonic only make fridges. I just think he's jealous.

Fairly lazy morning, until I went with dad to get the camera from PCWorld which I'm sure has to go bust soon. Oh well, too big to fail? Perhaps.

Then we did a few jobs around the house and garden, I cooked dinner with the help of mum and we had a bonfire. My first real play with the camera! It'll take a while to get as fluid with it as I was with the Pentax but that's just a case of practice.

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