By Bella888

Effortless Upcycling

It’s definitely been a stay at home day, and expect it has been for many Brits. Heavy rain and winds since last night and still ongoing.

Been busy. Explaining the legal document mentioned yesterday to my Italian friend ‘A’. And with incoming and outgoing WhatsApp and other comms.

I Facetimed ’A’. Somehow my mobile picked up an old number of hers. Ended up having a bizarre conversation with a half dressed Italian older male lying on a bed. Assumed it was a visitor, but soon realised he wasn’t. I explained he must have ‘A’s old number. Strange fellow then called me back twice. Ended up blocking him.

Feels like midnight, it’s only 20:17 (an hour earlier tomorrow). Off to stew an apple for dessert.

Blip is of my silly idea to upcycle a Heinz Baked Bean Tin to hold TV remotes (see my Thursday Abstract Thursday blip). I’d pay £10 for it in Harrods (more if branded).

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